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Reactions after Club - Union

Croky Cup

Post-game reactions came from Ferran Jutglà and Casper Nielsen.

Ferran Jutglà: “Worked hard in the past couple of weeks”

A goal and an assist: Ferran Jutglà made quite the mark in Club's 2-1 win. Club still holds all the cards to finish it in the second leg.

“A spot in the Starting XI has been some time for me. I worked hard in the past couple of weeks, and bided my time. I'm happy to see my hard work pays off for the team. This assist and this goal really boosts my confidence, my belief in my qualities. I have to keep going along this road to get that prize with the team this season. My finishing has not been up to par lately, and I felt bad about it. As a striker you want to score goals. But the team kept winning, which also pleased me. It will take more hard training to keep living nights like this. We are now in the advantage to go through to the Final, but conceding that goal by the very end came as a blow. We need to get better in this, as it can be what maked the difference in the return game.”

Jutglà's role lately was reduced to that of a substitute. "The competition with Thiago referred me to the bench, but that's part and parcel with football. But we can definitely play together and combine our skills. From the bench, I help the team out in other ways, and when I get playing time, I always give it my full 100%. I was lined up on the wing, with the liberty to play in the space in the centre and get closer to Thiago. I feel comfortable playing around him. He gets a lot of work done, opening up the space for me.”

The Spanish forward now finally plays painfree. “With the plethora of games last season, and it being my first real season on the highest level, I was suffering from all kinds of small ailments, but those are all over now.” (KN)

Casper Nielsen: “Won after a solid performance”

The Casper Nielsen-Balanta link-up kept Union's midfield in check. A deserved first leg win means Club can defend its advantage in Brussels in three weeks.

“I'm a bit disappointed. We were in full control of the game, and the 3-0 was more likeable than that 2-1. But so be it, we won after a solid performance. It gives us the right amount of confidence to take on the second leg in Brussels. We do all we can to avoid those late goals. We were suckerpunched like that last week in Antwerp. They scored out of nowhere. We fully realise this is happening, and try to keep it simple to avoid that in the future.” (KN)