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Reactions after Club Brugge – Eupen

Jupiler Pro League

After the victory against Eupen, we had a talk with Casper Nielsen, Bjorn Meijer and coach Ronny Deila.

Casper Nielsen: “Great team performance“

Not your average Club at kick-off against Eupen. Still, it was a clear win for the hosts, and it all started with that Nielsen opener.

“We started out well, and then you just need to make sure you take the lead. We managed to do so and then extended that lead. At half time, it was more or less game over, but agreed, our last fifteen minutes had not been that good", the Dane started out. "With some key players, it took some time to get settled, but those coming on did a great job. We scored four and conceded none. I can only be proud of the guys, as it was a fine team performance. And that on this pitch, which is not in the best of conditions. We grabbed the three points, and that's what mattered most.”

We also probed how much next weekend's derby game lives within the group of players. “Each and every game is great importance, particulary because of the predicament we are in now. We must avoid point loss at all costs. We need to take it one game at a time, retain full focus, and keep going for that win.” (MV)

Bjorn Meijer: “Should really have been 6-0 or 7-0”

Not everything went in today: the crossbar kept Bjorn Meijer from scoring today in what turned out to be an easy 4-0 win against KAS Eupen.

“Grab the three points and on to the next. A good win, not all that exciting, but that's just fine by us. We missed out on a number of highly skilled players today, but those coming on for them did well too. You don't know how it would have been with them, but I didn't really notice. Things were a bit rocky by the end of the first half. Considering the entire game, it really should have been 6-0, 7-0 instead of 'just' 4-0. We now have some thrilling games ahead of us, and that's what I love about football. We are really looking forward to it. Seeing Brandon score is great, he's such a chill guy. You see that he really enjoys scoring, and you are just happy to see him that happy. It's also great to be welcoming Nusa back to the pitch. I'm happy he's back, even if I didn't really notice that he was going through a rough patch.” (KN)

Ronny Deila: “Many great actions”

A content coach Ronny Deila after the game.

"This was a tough game. Only last Wednesday, we had that important game, and we were called into action again today, that's game nr3 in six days. We've been plagued by injuries, and missed out on a number of players too. There was a sense of nervousness preceding this game, but the players started out well. We created a couple of chances, scoring that opener early on. We could have added more, but this sufficed to keep the three points at home. That clean sheet is important too. It was as if our opponents were scoring left right and centre, but fortunately today it was not like that.”

There was a fair bit to say about that situation involving Mignolet three minutes into the game. “I haven't seen the footage yet, so there's not a lot I can say. What I can say, is that strange things tend to happen, week after week. Both in favour and against us, and also with other teams. I sometimes wonder whether they are seeing a differeent game, particularly now there's the VAR system. I  tend to hold back when it comes to the referees, because sometimes you get it against you and sometimes it's the other way round, but since December there have been strange situations across all games. This should be brought into consideration, it's important for our football. But as to this particular situation, there's not a lot I can say, I still have to see the footage.”

Skóraś and Nusa have not had that much playing time lately, but today's performance deserved kudos. "I saw a lot of great actions. Michał started for the first time in a long time, and has the speed, technique, great stamina. Having played there before, Nusa played in a somewhat less familiar position. I also thought about starting Homma in that position, but in the end I opted for Nusa. That's where his talent lies too: he excelled in an entirely different role. We keep working with him. He's feeling great right now, and he's happy with the answers he received. Jutglà did great too, scoring once again. We are now looking forward to next weekend's game against Cercle.” (EV)

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